Fred Farshad Mirian

Fred Farshad Mirian

CEO of Amati Canada

For the past two decades, we have earned the trust of top interior designers, builders, developers and general contractors within the fixtures industry who you have trusted and sought our advice. We have been silently advising them. To the industry professionals, we go by the name ‘Amati Plumbing Supply Ltd.’.

Over time we have evolved and grown to a point where you can enjoy the same level of service and expertise we offer professionals within the Bath and Kitchen industry.

Through our customer feedback, we have learned the importance of ‘service’. You said and we listened. We addressed your needs and improvised; bringing you services and quality no one in the industry offers.

We realized our customers visited other showrooms to find the best product and service, before ultimately purchasing at Amati. We strive to be ‘the first store’ you go to because we are confident in our service and in making you part of the Amati Family.

We collaborate with top suppliers in the industry and have carefully selected products that have stood the test of time. But in the end nothing lasts forever, there are issues with wear and tear; the problem no one can ignore.

When that time comes, our after sales service shines. If you ask the professionals you work with, where they go for parts no one else sells? They will name Amati Canada. We know everyone in the industry, and they know us.

Our staffs are experts offering services you wished you received in everything else you engage with. From compiling a list of products you require, to seeking personal recommendations that have saved our customers a lot of time and money, it’s priceless!

We welcome you to Amati Canada, enjoy a cup of coffee from our Amati Cafe, engage with live product demonstrations and have a chat with our team. Can you get an experience like this anywhere else?