Iranian Canadian Business Expo at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre

The Iranian-Canadian Business Expo (ICBE) will take place on November 29 and 30 at Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto, Canada. It is the first trade show and convention of its kind that showcases the economic strength and importance of the Iranian- Canadian entrepreneurs and business leaders in Canada as well as to a global audience.

The convention brings together Iranian- Canadian business professionals from across Canada representing diverse fields of information technology (IT), manufacturing, finance, real estate and construction, as well as health care, law, education, entertainment and media. It enables participants to expand their collaboration to break new grounds.

Hundreds of businesses and sponsors will present their vision, products, and services by taking part in numerous seminars and panels of programs and social events. They will highlight strategies for strengthening entrepreneurship in Canada and around the globe, and ways of promoting business and social innovation. It also creates a platform for promoting the ethic of inclusion, community engagement, and philanthropy in Canada, North America, and around the world.

The Iranian communities across Canada are estimated more than 400,000 who reside in key urban communities such as Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and Winnipeg. The Greater Toronto Area is Canada’s most populous and accounts for some 40 percent of Canada’s GDP, making it one of the world’s most dynamic, pluralistic and advanced places.

The Iranian community in Ontario with a population of over two hundred thousand represents the second largest Iranian community outside of Iran. Due to the strong cultural emphasis on education and learning, the majority of Iranians residing in North America particularly in Canada are highly educated with university degrees and have attained significant career success and top level of income.

Iranians are widely recognized for being result-oriented, tenacious, with a penchant for innovative and creative thinking-qualities. The Iranian diaspora, especially those in North America continuously learn, adapt, and improvise, developing remarkable resiliency and notable success as immigrants. They continue to make significant economic, scientific, and social contributions to their adopted countries and the world.

Such significant traits have contributed to the Iranian-Canadians becoming a highly successful individual across diverse range of professions, trades and industries.

The two-day event of the ICBE provides a unique opportunity to engage and network with one of the most affluent and rapidly growing business communities in Canada. It also provides opportunities for attendees to develop new relationships, exchange ideas, explore new vendors, and attend variety of educational sessions and seminars.

ICBE 2019 Starts In

November 29, 2019 - November 30, 2019 in Metro Toronto Convention Centre, Front Street West, Toronto, ON


Kiu Rezvanifar

Chief Executive Officer

Mark Gravett

Vice President of Operations

Sheri Majdpour

Vice President of Marketing & Development

Marjaneh Montaseri

Senior Executive Director

Emily Houdi

Director, Strategy & Government Relations

Keyvan Kian

Director of Marketing & Advertising

Virhinia Geisser

Director of Public Relations

Dr. Shahab Anari

Director of Seminars and Contents

Dawn Marvasti

Account Executive

Shadia Sarrafi

Director of Sales & Marketing

California, USA

Saied Yasseri

Director of Logistic & Support

Shaya Ivy

Account Executive

Marjan Zargar

Account Executive

Pasha Pirouzi

Senior Marketing & Account Executive

Amir Vafamand

Audio & Visual Coordinator


Karim Hakimi

Hon. Bryon Wilfert

Dr. Reza Moridi


Ali Ehsasi

Ata Moeini

ICBE 2018 Dignitary Messages